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We Love: Office Superlatives.

We’ve got some strong personalities in BaubleBar HQ, but that’s part of what makes this office such a fun place to work! Today, we identified three BB staffers whose personalities shine through their baubles especially well.
I would like to thank the good people of BaubleBar for giving me the title of Office Geologist, and the nice man who works in the rock store a block from BaubleBar HQ! Without question, my favorite baubles are those incorporating raw, natural stones. The combination of gold charms and raw quartz is perfection! I love the Fire Quartz Pendant and Smoky Geode Pendant
I’m one of those annoying people that’s always cold. At the office you can find me in at least a few layers with my space heater running (yes, this happens year round—even in summer!). I love to layer classic pieces, so isn’t it obvious that I would wear my delicate pendants the same way? A staple is my Maya Brenner initial necklace, from there I’ll add some more delicate layers or mix it up with a long tassel
Everyone tells me how sweet they think my personalized piece is. I wear an engraved pendant with my father’s initials in his memory. I love it for its simplicity and for what it represents. The minimal gold bar layered with other small gold pendants creates a pared-down statement—perfect for my classic, laid-back style. I wear them all every day! 

DIY: Personalized High Tops.

All month long we’ve had the varsity blues…  we’re obsessed with back-to-school style and have been trying to infuse a bit of collegiate prep into everything we wear! Footwear is no exception (we love our shoes almost as much as we love our baubles!), so this month we decided to take on a shoe DIY! Check out our tips below for how to monogram your sneaks using a stencil to get perfect athletic inspired style… we used K and B for our Creative Director, Kathryn Bain!



  • Acrylic paint (important to use acrylic, or it will wash off/chip fast)

  • A pair of kicks (we used Converse!)

  • An x-acto knife

  • A stencil (we found ours online)

  • Paintbrushes

  • Scissors

  • Sticker paper

  • Masking tape



  1. First, cut out the letters from your stencil (using the sticker paper) that you’re planning on transferring to your sneakers. Make sure that you cut out the shape of the letter from the stencil so that you can fill it in with paint on the shoe!

  2. Tape the stencil into place wherever you’d like to place the letter… we opted for the side of our sneakers.

  3. Coat your paintbrush in paint and paint in the stencil. Two coats should be plenty.

  4. Let dry and remove the stencil… Voilà! One of a kind, varsity kicks.

The Greatest Hits: #BaubleBar.

We love checking out your Instagram snaps using #baublebar (in fact we do it constantly). It’s so amazing to see all the creative ways our customers style their baubles. Every week we hold on to a few of our favorite shots for inspiration… here are this week’s favorites!


We love the silhouette of this killer top, but let’s be honest, the Shoshanna Amulet steals the show… and we don’t mind one bit! {@sylviassparkles}


@ejcairo is absolutely glowing in these bronze Holly Drops!


Not only is this statement necklace inspiration, @bisousbrittany is giving us serious fall wardrobe inspiration. Crop tops after summer? We’re intrigued.


Coffee + Crystal Mason Ring = our ideal work environment. {@jenilane29}


You know we love our ear embellishments this month and we’re just as obsessed with this casual-cool pairing. {@ellekawchronicles}

Today is National Women’s Friendship Day… don’t forget to call your best friend! (Or maybe surprise her with one of these?)

Today is National Women’s Friendship Day… don’t forget to call your best friend! (Or maybe surprise her with one of these?)

The Weekly Ten.


1. These decorative tray DIYs will definitely be happening this weekend. 

2. We teamed up with Brides Magazine to create a collection of gorgeous jewels for the bride, bridesmaid, and anyone in between. 

3. Just found these custom beanies from one of our fave companies, and can’t wait to make one (or five).

4. This video of two guys acting like basic girls is probably the best thing ever. 

5. Nate Berkus is back at it with Target, and we just need to have this faux fur stool in our lives. 

6. Have you seen our new collection at Nordstrom? We apologize in advance to your bank account, because these.baubles.are.good.  

7. We’re having a major moment with these edgy pearls, and can’t wait to wear them all day and night.

8. We love oatmeal, and can’t wait to try these recipes that use oatmeal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! 

9. One of our fave blogs started featuring gorgeous watercolors every Wednesday — we loved the post from this week

10. We can hardly contain our excitement… we’ve partnered with The Mindy Project costume designer, Salvador Perez, on a line of baubles that are beyond amazing.