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A Letter from our Guest Bartender, Megan Runser.

Hi BaubleBar Readers,

Disclaimer: Writing this post is how I imagine it to feel when an underdog Oscar nominee approaches the stage to accept the award in shock and wonderment.

I’ve been pinching myself in disbelief since May of this year for two very different reasons.  First on the not-so-pleasant-pinch-me side of the spectrum, a whopper of a life speed bump was thrown my way when a routine doctor’s visit for a nagging cough turned out to be a life-threatening Cancer diagnosis.  And second (on a much more positive pinch me note), I am still not fully convinced my dream of being a Guest Bartender is real.  The phrase “I can’t believe this is happening” has been repeated from my mouth on the reg since this whole shebang transpired.

I often make the joke that I was a rapper in my past life given my long-standing love for the color gold and unapologetic adoration for jewelry erring on the side of ostentatious.  From my lucky job interview necklace that feels like a more-modern version of Mr. T’s famous thick chain to my collection of giant coaster-sized earrings, I’ve always added in extra touches of bold jewelry to dress up an outfit and make it feel like my own.

And that’s where my “as good as gold” recovery mantra and inspiration for this Guest Bartender collection was born.  

As a healthy and super active woman in my early 30s, a surprise cancer diagnosis was the last thing I expected to pop up on my plate.  At first I felt so angry that despite all the effort to care for myself, my body betrayed me by going behind my back to quietly gather RSVPs for an underground party of malignant cells joining together to form a massive tumor in my chest.  I didn’t feel like myself for the first few weeks of the journey as my days of warm yoga classes and happy hours with friends in Austin shifted to cold hospital rooms full of pokes, prods, and scans at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Recognizing early on I needed a major shift in perspective, I vowed to keep my focus on getting right back to where I started — “as good as gold.”  I remember getting ready for the dreaded doctor’s appointment where I would learn my official diagnosis, staging, and treatment plan; I dug up my favorite pair of vintage oversized gold lion earrings from the depths of the bags I had packed in a panic and immediately felt a spark reignite giving me extra reassurance for whatever news awaited me later that day.

Wanting to share that spark with others, my Guest Bartender collection infuses both my beloved metallic metals (obvi) with bright pops of colored gemstones.  My favorite thing about this collection is the endless array of looks you can create no matter your style - from sparkly crystal earrings perfect for spicing up an upcoming holiday party outfit to layering two (or three! or four!) necklaces for a more bold statement - anyone can make these pieces their own.

Thank you BaubleBar for making this dream come true and affording me an incredibly welcome distraction and creative outlet during my treatment.  I continue to be overwhelmed with so much gratitude for this entire “as good as gold”  journey - yep even the icky cancer part - as I have learned so much about life and love through this experience.

I think I can finally stop pinching myself now that my collection is officially live!  Happy shopping, my sparkly friends!    

In Gold We Trust,

Megan Runser

(check out Megan’s collection here!)

(check out Megan’s collection here!)

We Love: Movie Night.

We can feel the winter chills around the corner, which means cozying up on date night is sounding more and more appealing. Of course, staying in is no reason to forego style: Luxe up your loungewear with cool crystal pieces and show that you’re still putting in effort…especially after you scarf down half a delivery pizza.


Blue Valentine. You’ve been warned: This is not your upbeat rom-com. Grab a box of tissues and hunker down for an amazing, heart-wrenching performance by Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling. We bet even your boo won’t mind staring at Eva Mendes’ baby daddy for a couple hours.


BreathlessThey say French is the language of love, so pour yourself a glass of Cabernet and pop in this romantic Parisian action thriller about a car theft, a murder and a daring escape.



In the Mood for LoveThe rich art direction behind In the Mood for Love will have you aching to visit Hong Kong, the setting for this gorgeous foreign film. A tale of forbidden love, the plot follows two neighbors who become friends and struggle to remain true, even when faced with infidelity.

The Weekly Ten.

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2. You don’t need to drop a lot of cash for these expensive-looking floral arrangements… copy the look with flowers from your corner bodega! 

3. Switch up your beauty routine this Saturday night and opt for a color blocked cat eye. We’re loving the plum and gold version! 

4. If you’re looking for an easy DIY to spruce up your home, try this gold leaf console table. Here’s a bonus: you don’t have to buy new furniture to do it, just use a table you already have!

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6. Bad hair days seem to occur a little too often, which is why we’ll be using these ideas to tame our tresses. 

7. We’ve got major apartment envy over this Park Avenue home. Have you seen the views? *Drool*

8. This season we’re channeling a western chic aesthetic with these metallic fringe and jewel tone baubles

9. This tart recipe is so easy for brunch, and looks so delicious. You wouldn’t believe it only took 15 minutes to make! 

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Reminds Us Of: Matisse.

We New Yorkers definitely have a case of Matisse fever, and after the opening of the Museum of Modern Art exhibit this past weekend, we can’t stop dreaming about bold shapes and a vibrant color spectrum. Enter our new super-saturated collection of baubles, designed by the costume designer of Fox’s The Mindy Project, Salvador Perez, which feels inspired by works of the French Fauvist painter. Around the office, we’ve been experimenting with the new collection to create some extra artsy looks: A bright bauble with a printed frock in a contrasting color is a cheeky new approach. See? You don’t have to press the mute button on bright color for fall.

DIY: Jewelry Box.

Have you seen today’s new arrivals? We’re lusting after earthy wood materials mixed with fuchsia gemstones. These two elements make an unexpected pair that we can’t get enough of! The pieces make for the perfect addition to our fall wardrobe, but we wanted to bring the trend into our homes, too. That’s why we took our Lazygirl Storage Drawer and jazzed it up with some fuchsia and iridescent gemstones. Read on for this quick & easy DIY!
  • Lazygirl Storage Drawer
  • E6000 glue
  • Q-Tips
  • Tape Measurer
  • Gemstones (make sure they have a flat surface underneath!)

  1. Begin by playing around with the gemstones; laying them out in a pattern that you like. This may be the hardest part because there are so many options! When in doubt, keep it simple… you can always add more later.
  2. Our pattern started with a gemstone in the middle of the jewelry box, so we used the tape measurer to find the center and marked it with a pen.
  3. Pour a little E6000 glue onto a piece of paper and dip your Q-Tip into the glue, coating the tip.
  4. Dab a little bit of glue onto the back of a gemstone, and place in the desired spot on the jewelry box. Repeat until all of your gemstones are in place.
  5. Wait a few hours for the glue to fully dry, and then it’s time for the fun part. Fill up your jewelry box with all of your favorite baubles!